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July is cellphone courtesy month

Did you ever hear that July is cellphone courtesy month? Yes, it is time for everyone to look at how their cellphone use affects their family. Do not forget that your children watch you always so your actions are teaching them.

Cellphones are extremely popular for everyone. More families have cell phones than house phones nowadays. July is cellphone courtesy month, and since cellphones are still a relatively new item in society in the grand scheme of things, courtesy needs to be taught.

Most careers now require some form of cellphone use. A text from the boss, an email from a student's parent or a new project at work are all reasonable work related cellphone uses. However, no matter how hard it can be, at home try to put the phone down. This is especially important during meal time.

By putting your cellphone away, you are not only being courteous but teaching your children valuable lessons. You are teaching them that their presence and time mean more to you than your phone. You are also teaching them to not be addicted to their own technology. After all, you want your children to know your face and not the back of your phone.

When out in public and at work, stop constantly checking your phone. Put texting sounds on vibrate. The noise might be endearing to you, but definitely not others. Enjoy what it is happening right in front of you. Life is short and not needed to be on the phone all of the time.

Try to avoid being that loud person on the cellphone in a restaurant, hair salon, bank, grocery store or any place with a lot of people close by. Go outside or somewhere private to finish the conversation. People might be polite and tell you they don't mind, but you know that they do.

No one is perfect but please try to remember your cellphone manners.

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