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July For Kings play first Cincinnati show this Friday

Today Joe Hedges wrote the following on the July For Kings blog, about their upcoming weekend;

July For Kings

            We have july for kings shows this friday and saturday in Cleveland and Cincinnati. Please consider coming out if you are in the area. With any luck, they will not suck. that is the endorsement. go ahead and tell your friends you heard from the singer the show will "probably not suck". it's good to start with low expectations.

This humorous endorsement may be sincere but not entirely accurate. July For Kings is one of Cincinnati's most seasoned local acts, and anyone who has followed them over the years would never have low expectations. The band's existence is now exceeding a decade, and it is July For Kings great live performances that continue to draw new fans into their music.

I can remember the first time I was given a copy of July For Kings debut album SWIM in 2003. It was my first taste of the Cincinnati local music scene, and I couldn't believe the quality of it. July For Kings has always felt like a band that could explode onto mainstream airwaves at anytime. Aside from being a local favorite, July For Kings has played a large role in growing the Cincinnati music scene. Before Cavashawn ever moved to Chicago, they were opening for July For Kings (playing under the name Premium back then) honing their craft and learning from the band. It is this culmination of experience the band shares that has allowed members like Joe Hedges to recently branch off and record a solo album; in addition to building his visual art career. There is certainly not an end in sight to the talent or drive behind the creative minds of July For Kings.

So whether this will be your first time or your tenth time catching July For Kings live, come out to The Mad Frog on Saturday April 17th. The show is starting at 10:00 with opening act Frankly Speaking. And be sure to tell your friends the show will probably not suck.


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