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July 8, 2014 DVD and Blu-ray: 'Bad Words' with Jason Bateman

Golden Globe-winning actor Jason Bateman makes his feature directorial debut with the subversive black comedy Bad Words. Written by Andrew Dodge and co-produced by Bateman, it stars Bateman as a 40-year-old eighth grade dropout who finds a loophole and enters the Golden Quill national spelling bee to wreak havoc. It also stars Allison Janney, Rohan Chand, Rachael Harris, Philip Baker Hall, Ben Falcone, Beth Grant and Kathryn Hahn.

'Bad Words' on DVD and Blu-ray ||
'Bad Words' on DVD and Blu-ray || Universal Studios Home Entertainment
'Bad Words' on DVD and Blu-ray
'Bad Words' on DVD and Blu-rayUniversal Studios Home Entertainment

When 40-year-old Guy Trilby learns that his biological father, who abandoned his unwed mother upon learning of her pregnancy, runs the Golden Quill national spelling bee, he finds a loophole in the rules so he can enter and cause trouble. Despite earning the disdain of the contest officials and outraged parents, they and the overly ambitious 8th graders are no match for the arrogant and foul-mouthed Guy. As he crushes the kids’ dreams of victory and fame one word at a time -- sometimes resorting to unethical tactics, reporter and sponsor Jenny Widgeon, who footed the bill, attempts to discover his true motivation of his strange ruthless quest. Meanwhile, one of his fellow competitors, an awkward 10-year-old boy named Chaitanya -- who had been left on his own by his father in an attempt to make him a man -- is completely unfazed by Guy’s take-no-prisoners approach to life and tries to befriend him. Shockingly, the two end up forging an unlikely alliance as Guy shows the boy the wilder, vulgar side of life (stealing, drinking and his first pair of boobs), and learns a little about himself in the process.

The DVD and Blu-ray include deleted and extended scenes, feature commentary with director Jason Bateman and “The Minds and Mouths Behind Bad Words” featurette.


  • Jason Bateman as Guy Trilby
  • Allison Janney as Dr. Bernice Deagan
  • Kathryn Hahn as Jenny Widgeon
  • Rohan Chand as Chaitanya Chopra
  • Rachael Harris as Eric Tai's Mother
  • Ben Falcone as Pete Fowler
  • Judith Hoag as Petal Dubois
  • Beth Grant as Irene
  • Philip Baker Hall as Dr. William Bowman
  • Patricia Belcher as Ingrid
  • Anjul Nigam as Sriram
  • Michael Patrick McGill as Beet-Red Father
  • Bob Stephenson as Bill Murhoff
  • Steve Witting as Proctor
  • Greg Cromer as Jeremy

Special Features:

  • Deleted and Extended Scenes
  • The Minds and Mouths Behind Bad Words
  • Feature Commentary with Director Jason Bateman

Best Prices:

DVD - $16.99 at, Target, $17.99 at Best Buy, $18.99 at

Blu-ray Combo Pack (includes DVD and UltraViolet Digital Copy) - $22.99 at, Best Buy, Target, $24.79 at