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July 4th 2014: Are liquor stores in your state open or closed on Friday?

July 4th 2014 holiday: Are liquor stores open on Friday in your state?
July 4th 2014 holiday: Are liquor stores open on Friday in your state?
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The July 4th holiday is here and since it falls on a Friday this year, it is the start of a three-day weekend for many. With parties and backyard barbeques happening all over the nation on July 4th, many may be heading out to the liquor stores to pick up their alcoholic beverages for their parties today, but are the liquor stores open in your state?

According to NBC News on July 3, Conn. is one of the states that will allow the sale of liquor on the 4th of July holiday on Friday. The same goes for the neighboring state of Mass. Still if you live in Utah or Pa., you are out of luck if you want to pick up a bottle or beer on Friday the 4th of July.

The Washington Posts reports that in Va. ABC stores are open, the stores in D.C. are open at the owner's discretion. In Md., ABC stores are open in Montgomery County, but in the other counties the private liquor stores are open at the owner’s discretion.

Some states vary from town to town or district to district when allowing liquor stores to open on holidays. It wasn't that long ago when some states, like Conn. and Mass. didn't sell alcohol on Sunday, but that changed when the money was going over the border to neighboring states.

The same is happening with holidays today when it comes to states. Connecticut's decision to let alcohol be sold on Sunday stemmed from neighboring states, like New York, getting Sunday business from Conn. residents. People were doing the same for holiday sales of liquor, going to a neighboring state if your state doesn't sell liquor on a holiday. There was once a time in Conn. that you had to get to the liquor store the day before the holiday.

There was also once a time when liquor stores were closed for almost every holiday, but as many states dropped those laws, the few neighboring states with the laws still in place were losing money to competition of other states within driving distance. Soon states across the country started to become more lenient allowing their liquor stores to open on holidays.

Besides the loss of money for a state when it doesn't allow sales of liquor on a holiday, you don't want people who have been drinking and who have run out of alcohol attempting to drive across state lines looking to buy more alcohol. For this reason alone it would make sense to have liquor stores open on a holiday nationwide.

While many states allow sales of liquor on holidays, like July 4th, others still keep their liquor stores closed. If you want to know if your state liquor stores are open for the July 4th holiday check here with the List of States Liquor Commission website.

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