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July 2014 weather review for Grand Rapids

July 2014 will be remembered for the tornadoes and chilly air.

July 2014 weather Summary  * Historical weather statistics gathered from the National Weather Service's Grand Rapids forecast office data archives.
Grand Rapids Weather Examiner
July Review
Grand Rapids Weather Examiner

The first week of the month was decidedly stormy. The end of June and first of July brought strong storms to West Michigan. The most intense storms impacted cities along I-94. Click this link to read more about the wind damage and power outages. Most will remember the tornadoes that moved across the region. These were the first confirmed tornadoes in several years. Click this link to read more about the tornadoes and see a few damage photos. More thunderstorms impacted West Michigan as the month concluded.

While we observed a few warm days, temperatures for most of the month were below average. The low temperatures for the month were below average. The average low temperature was 58.45° which is 3.75° below average. The high temperatures were also much cooler than normal. The average high was 78.42° which is 4.38° below average. The average temperature for the month, which includes both the highs and lows, was 68.44° which is 4.07° below average. Grand Rapids set one record for the chilly air. On 16 July, the high only climbed to 71°, setting a new record for the coolest high temperature.
In stark contrast to July 2012 which was the second warmest, this July was the fifth coolest on record. Here is a list of the coolest Julys:
1. 2009 67.1°
2. 1992 67.2°
3. 1950 68.1°
4. 1996 68.2°
5. 2014 68.4°

The June precipitation was slightly above average. Grand Rapids observed 4.42 inches, which was 0.64 inches above average.

The observed sunshine was below average with 68.2% of possible sunshine. In a typical July we see 65% so that makes last month 3.2% above average.

See the images attached to this story for more on the July weather.

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