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Julio Iglesias still raising women's blood pressure in Miami

Julio Iglesias has had a number of duet partners during his 46-year international music career, but only one of them was a man. He chose to sing his hit "To All the Girls I've Loved Before" with the male country singer Willie Nelson a long time ago (but maybe it was just for fun, since he never did it again). But on Saturday night the Spanish crooner sang that song solo as he concluded his world tour stop in Miami, according to the February 23 concert review from VOXXI. And the women in the audience thanked him for it, giving him several standing ovations.

Iglesias has partnered with a number of women when it comes to duets, like Dolly Parton and Diana Ross, using their feminine looks and perfect voices to bring his romantic lyrics to life in exceptional ways. He even participated in music videos with both stars in the past, making the songs really memorable. With Parton it was the Spaniard's "When You Tell Me That You Love Me" and with Ross it was the hit "All of You".

But it wasn't women that he talked about when his fans in Miami paused their applause to hear him talk instead of sing on Saturday.

If the passion I feel from you was not there, I would be working at a law firm," Iglesias said.

And he wasn't kidding. In his first interview in the States years ago, Julio told Johnny Carson that it was a soccer injury that really resulted in his becoming a singer. But he also confessed that he was going to school to become a lawyer before that accident.

Iglesias had been bedridden for months after his accident, and he only had the use of his fingers and hands, so he chose to strum a guitar and try to write songs so he would have something to do in order to stay happy, he said. He tried to sell the songs to a recording company after he was walking about again, but they encouraged him to try his luck singing the songs himself, directing him to enter a festival considered the biggest singing contest in Spain at the time. He had only two months to prepare for something he had never done before: sing in public. But he won the contest anyway, using his song "La Vida Sigue Igual" he said.

Surprisingly, Miami's most beloved Latin heartthrob did not immediately go into the singing business as a result of that win, choosing to go on and to finish his Masters degree at his father's insistence, so he could be a lawyer if the singing business didn't pan out.

Now, five months shy of the 46th anniversary since he first won the Festival de Benidorm in July 1968, Julio is still talking about why he chose music over law, even though he is qualified to do both. And he did it by reminding his Miami audience that it was their passion that made him continue to sing songs of love at the age of 70. And what a blessing that is for all the women that have loved to hear Julio Iglesias sing. Even if he sings alone.

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