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Julie Sondra Decker unveils The Invisible Orientation

The Invisible Orientation by Julie Sondra Decker, also known as Swankivy, is the first print publication dealing with asexuality written by an asexual. Carrel Press plans to release the book sometime in September. Decker's work as an asexual activist began in the late 1990s. She started one the of the first asexuality websites, has written numerous articles, produced the "Letters to an Asexual" YouTube series, and she was featured in Angela Tucker's documentary (A)sexual.

Decker’s book will become the second book about asexuals to see wide circulation. * Anthony Bogaert’s “Understanding Asexuality” preceded it by a year. However, Bogaert wrote his tome for an academic audience. The Invisible Orientation serves as a primer and as a visibility tool for the layman.

The asexual activist tells a story familiar to many asexuals.** Her peers in high school and college became interested in other people sexually, but it did not happern for her. She wondered if she suffered from some psychological or hormonal problem. Eventually she realized her feelings described a new sexual orientation. Because she entered adulthood as the World Wide Web gained popularity, Decker had to create her own word to for her sexual orientation. She chose nonsexual. A few years after she launched her website, David Jay founded AVEN, the Asexuality Visibility and Education network. AVEN would later be joined by the Asexual Awareness Week organization, led by Sara Beth Brooks.

Despite her growing reputation as an asexual activist, Decker hopes people will remember her for her creative writing efforts. Readers can access her creative writing and her web comics through her web site. Despite her distaste for the spotlight, she has gained a reputation as one of the most prominent asexual activists. She appeared with David Jay and Sarah Beth Brooks at World Pride 2014 in Toronto.

Carrel Press plans to release The Invisible Orientation on September 2. customers can pre-order a hard back copy.

*Note: Asexuality: a Brief Introduction was released was the second book about asexuality published in dead tree format. The Asexuality Archives lets readers download a free PDF copy.

**Lara, who realized she was wrong about being asexual, told a similar story to a reporter.

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