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Julie Horvath quits GitHub: Was it because of sexism and harassment?

The output of influential developer Julie Ann Horvath from GitHub, a programming network, has sparked controversy after she publicly denounced the harassment she suffered from the company, which has been branded as sexist. A March 19 from Think Progress regarding the matter says: "Julie Ann Horvath originally planned to quit the social coding firm quietly Friday, leaving what she describes as a toxic work environment."

In her initial tweets concerning her departure, Horvath clearly was upset with the company that hosts open source projects like jQuery, Reddit and Sparkle. She tweeted..."I've been harassed by 'leadership' at GitHub for two years. And I am the first developer to quit." Her follow-up tweet read.."I regret defending GitHub's culture to feminists for the last two years. I'm sorry to everyone I've hurt in doing so."

GitHub Horvath joined in 2012 when the company was still very small and it was elected startup of the year in 2012 in the 'Crunchies Awards.'

In an interview with Tech Crunch, Horvath accused GitHub of treating her differently for being a woman. She also accuses the wife of one of GitHub founders of harassing her, despite not working at the company. She allegedly had access to the chat of employees and, through her ​​husband, had influence over decision-making within the company, Horvath says.

According to the report, the situation was reported to human resources but instead of finding a solution, it only worsened the conflict with the founder while his wife continued to exert pressure.

In addition, the programmer says another factor that influenced her departure was the "passive-aggressive" behavior of one of her colleagues after he confessed his feelings for her and she rejected.

GitHub published a response to the article where the founder has said that the above accusations are being investigated.

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