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Julie Corey-Darlene Haynes: Worcester 'fetus cut from womb' trial

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true crime case
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Julie Corey is an American woman who was accused of killing her pregnant best friend Darlene Haynes, 23, and cutting an unborn baby from her womb in 2009. Police say, Julie Corey, 35, wanted to convince her boyfriend and her boyfriend's Latino family that the baby was her own. In February 2014, Julie Corey was convicted of first- degree murder in the kidnapping and abduction of Darlene Hayes according to Mass Live.

Julie Corey-Darlene Haynes murder case details

Julie Corey aka Julie Fernandez was best friends (BFF"S) with Darlene L. Haynes. According to police records, Julie Corey made friends with Darlene Haynes for the purpose of gaining her trust and stealing her baby. Julie Corey and her Hispanic boyfriend, Alex Dion, lived with Haynes, until moving out a short time before the murder.

According to the Boston Globe, the police investigation revealed that Julie Corey remained good friends with Darlene and assisted her with rides to the store and other errands.

After the murder, Corey had a baby shower and tried to convince her live-in-boyfriend's family that the baby was hers. Dion's mother noticed that the newborn baby's umbilical cord was tied with a string or a ribbon. When neighbors heard about the murder, they immediately suspected Julie Corey.

Police located Julie Corey, her boyfriend and the baby in a shelter in New Hampshire.

Darlene Haynes murder scene

The neighbors complained of a foul-smelling odor coming from the Worcester apartment. The landlord entered the apartment and the police were called to the home. When police arrived, they found the decomposed body of Darlene wrapped in a comforter. The body had been stuffed in tiny bedroom closet. An autopsy report found evidence that the once pregnant woman was strangled and beaten before the fetus had been removed from the womb.

Today's Update in the case of Julie Corey

Julie Corey is currently on trial after five years. The baby is now 4 years old and lives with her natural father.

Update: January 12, 2014: Julie Corey has been found guilty of first-degree murder.

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