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Julianne Westberry: Cats from the farm to be trapped by Anderson Animal Control

Cats from the farm
Cats from the farm
Ash Truesdale

This article is a plea for rescues, as well as cat lovers in the Anderson, South Carolina area to help one of the many cats who survived Julianne Westberry.

The cats turned loose to fend for themselves on a farm in Anderson County actually had more of a chance of survival than those who lived and died in her Belton home.

Two dozen cats have been trapped so far, and taken to Anderson County Humane Society. A major trapping is set for Wednesday, July 2. Julianne Westberry has signed over the cats on this property, and Anderson County Animal Control will be at the farm setting traps.

The cats Animal Control traps will be taken to Anderson County P.A.W.S. This is where you can help.

Since these are considered owner surrenders, the county has the right to kill the cats immediately, without allowing time for rescues, fosters or adopters to respond. The cat rescue community is desperately trying to help the cats who survived the farm.

The cat community is outraged, because these cats have been signed over after being obtained by what most consider fraudulent means and without proof of ownership. Some of the previous owners have already been located on some of the cats already captured.

If you can take one of these neglected cats (there are likely no kittens still alive, thanks to Julianne) caught beginning July 2, you may be saving its life. Keep in mind these cats aren't likely to be perfect. They've fended for themselves, some for a month, and others close to a year or longer.

If you as an individual, or a rescue can take one or more cats, shelter information is listed below. It's still up in the air as to what plans Anderson County PAWS has for those trapped.

They may be planning to make room for them until homes can be found. They may plan an adoption event. No one knows more than what's listed here, or on Ash Truesdales Facebook page.

Ash has worked very hard, along with most in the cat rescue community, trying to match up cats pulled from nearly a dozen shelters using a 501c3 that wasn't authorized.

Anderson County PAWS is open Monday-Friday from 12:00pm-6:00 pm.
1320 Highway 29 South
Anderson, South Carolina 29626
Phone 864-260-4151

It's unknown at this time how many cats will be trapped, or what condition they're in. Be sure before you speak up for one of these poor cats, that you can handle any medical expenses you may incur.

Many of those already trapped have injuries, and are very emaciated. Some have gone feral or semi feral. This is not a situation where you just decide you want a cat.

Please think this out very carefully before offering a home. It wouldn't be fair to anyone to rescue a cat, and then return it to the shelter when it doesn't meet your expectations.

Be sure to share this article with rescues, especially those in the North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia area. It's unknown at this time what type of adoption process will be put in place by the shelter to ensure these kitties get the best home possible.

Please read this article again before heading to the shelter, as any information that changes will be updated or addressed in the comments. The shelter may also be contacted if any confusion results from this.

We're simply trying to keep those cats who survived the farm from being euthanasized, and at the same time keep the shelter from being stressed out with all of the new cats that may be brought in over the next few days. It may only be a few dozen, or it could be a hundred. No one really knows how many cats were put in danger while in her care.

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