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Julianne Hough replacing Len Goodman on ‘Dancing With the Stars’? Fans worry

Julianne Hough is returning home to Dancing With the Stars
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The “Dancing With the Stars” season is just around the corner and the rumors of who might be on the show are surfacing in Los Angeles. While many fans are wondering who might be dancing on the ballroom floor, it appears that who is sitting behind the judges table has been decided for the upcoming season. According to TMZ on Tuesday, Julianne Hough is returning to judge the competitors as the fourth judge of the competition.

Don’t be so sure this is going to be the final decision before the show starts as there is a few weeks of undetermined juggling going on in the background. Julianne Hough could be the third judge if Len Goodman decides not to return to the program. The elder judge hinted on the final show of last season than he might not return to “Dancing With the Stars” and he gave fans a shock by suggesting he might be back for another season.

With news that Julianne Hough is signing on to be a judge, people are wondering if this celebrity is joining the table or replacing a dancing legend. While Hough might be a definite enhancement to the show, she wouldn’t even remotely be able to fill the shoes of Goodman. The older judge has made his mark on the show by being the man who is a stickler for the best moves and offers up feedback based on actual competitions.

Julianne Hough doesn’t have the intensity of Len and it’s obvious that she needs a job too. The star has performed in several films that barely created an interest with the fans so she is going back to dancing. Perhaps that is where she belonged in the first place. Her talent is stretches beyond many celebrities currently on the scene and offers a beautiful translation to viewers watching the show. The idea of her joining the “Dancing With the Stars” cast permanently is perfect, but let’s just hope the producers insist that she doesn't replace anyone as that would be a big disappointment.

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