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Julianne Hough dishes on diet, fitness and becoming the queen of Yogurtland

Julianne Hough shows off her sleek physique.
Julianne Hough shows off her sleek physique.
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Fit and fabulous Julianne Hough is happy to share the secrets of her rocking body. From diet to exercise, she revealed just what she does for that sleek physique in an interview reported by E News on Feb. 18. Plus: Find out why Julianne proclaims herself the "queen of Yogurtland."

For those fed up with famous women who proclaim that they survive on three lima beans and a broccoli stalk each day, Julianne provides a welcome contrast. The "Safe Haven" actress happily admits her love of food.

"Eating is an experience for me. It's like, 'This might be my last meal, so I better have everything on the menu!'" Julianne confesses.

Among her healthy favorites: "A really good Italian dinner: an artichoke salad, penne with red sauce and a margarita pizza. And then it's fun to go to another place for dessert because it makes the moment last longer."

And Julianne definitely knows what she wants it comes to dessert:

I'm the queen of Yogurtland. I put graham crackers on the bottom, then a swirl of yogurt and then more topping, so it's like a parfait. By the time I'm finally done, the thing costs like 12 bucks!

So how does the slender star stay in such enviable shape? Welcome to the world of working out constantly. Even though she's busy juggling multiple careers as an actress, dancer and singer, Julianne makes time for exercise on a daily basis.

While she's watching TV, Julianne does butt lifts, leg lifts and 200 sit-ups, she reveals. She even exercises during filming.

"When I'm shooting a movie, if I'm not in a scene, I'll squat and do inner leg pulses until the director yells, 'Cut!'" Julianne adds.

In addition, Julianne enjoys cardio workouts, particularly running.

"People are afraid to go to the gym because they're out of shape or they won't try to do a marathon because they're scared they won't finish," she muses.

"But you've got to just go for it and keep going," she suggests. "I used to hate cardio because I have a little bit of asthma. But I've recently gotten into running. Once you pass that 'I can't breathe, this sucks so bad' moment, it's therapeutic."

The former "Dancing With the Stars" pro and two-time winner also has created her own line of dance fitness DVDs, including "Dance with Julianne: Cardio Ballroom."

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