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Julian meets Nirvana the Therapy Cat

He didn't even know the cat was in the room.

Petting Nirvana
Giving that special kiss

When Julian arrived for his session, he was very focused. All he wanted to do was show us his medal from the A Games. How proud he was.

He didn't even know the cat was in the room.

We told him a therapy cat was with us today but he didn't look at the carrier.

Until we settled in the room.

Then he seemed fascinated by the carrier. He looked at it and looked at it. Not really believing a cat was in there.

Had he ever met a cat before? Not sure but think not.

It was time to bring Nirvana out of his carrier.

First the zipper was opened and closed, opened and closed. Until Julian was ready.

But once the young boy decided the cat should come out, everything moved so quickly after that.

Julian helped but Nirvana's Pet Partner bandana on.

He brushed his beautiful grey fur.

He watched him walk around and settle on his blanket.

Nirvana is a beautiful cat and took an immediate liking to Julian and wanted to crawl in his lap.


And Julian let him.

Actually welcomed him.

Pet Partners is the only therapy organization that tests and registers animals other than dogs and Nirvana is a wonderful example of what it takes to become a therapy cat. The test is exhaustive and checks to be sure the cat has a solid temperament and truly loves being touched all over. He cannot vocalize or jump around and has to be on a harness and leash at all times. He has to be comfortable going into and out of his carrier. He has to walk on a leash.

Nirvana did everything right today and Julian embraced the cat. Physically and emotionally.

At one point he bent down to kiss the top of the cat's head.

He read a story about Nirvana to the cat.

And the cat listened!

What an amazing experience today was for one young boy, one older cat and all the others who were there to witness it.

To learn more about Pet Partners visit and for information about the Las Vegas affiliate program, visit

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