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Julian Lennon photography featured at new Morrison Hotel Gallery in Los Angeles (Photos)

Harrison Ford and Julian Lennon at Morrison Hotel Gallery opening in LA, February 7, 2013
Harrison Ford and Julian Lennon at Morrison Hotel Gallery opening in LA, February 7, 2013
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The Morrison Hotel Gallery celebrated its grand opening in Los Angeles with a cocktail party on February 7. Celebrities including Harrison Ford, Mickey Dolenz, Billy Bob Thornton, Gary Oldham, Julian Lennon and photographer Bob Gruen were in attendance. The famous rock and roll photography gallery closed its former LA location on Sunset Boulevard a few years ago and has now reopened at the legendary Sunset Marquis hotel in West Hollywood.

Julian Lennon
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Among an array of photographs taken by legendary rock photographers on display at the Morrison Hotel Gallery are photographs taken by Julian Lennon. However, Lennon's photos fit in quite well with the other shots of rock stars which include his father, John Lennon. While many of Julian's shots focus on landscapes, his work also features photos of famous musicians including U2, Bono and half-brother, Sean Lennon. Julian Lennon's first photography exhibit in 2010 was sponsored by the Morrison Hotel Gallery.

As a relatively new endeavor for singer/songwriter Lennon, taking photos is a welcome creative outlet for the son of a former Beatle. “Photography has definitely taken over my main focus in life,” Lennon remarked in a recent interview. “It allows me to breathe creatively rather than have that Lennon stigma of Beatles and everything else with the music where every single thing I do is compared to everything else. It’s expected but it’s a little annoying.”

The Sunset Marquis which opened in 1963 is now celebrating its 50th anniversary. Over the years, the hotel has been a well-known hangout for rock stars. After a $30-million renovation completed in 2009, the hotel now offers a more sophisticated experience. However, musicians have fond memories of their time spent at the Sunset Marquis. Julian Lennon recalls, "My introduction was on my first world tour, in ’86. You very much felt that it was a home away from home because even if you were heading to L.A. on your own, without question you would run into somebody you know within the first hour of being there."

The Morrison Hotel Gallery, which specializes in rock and roll and sports fine art photography, just celebrated their 12th anniversary at their New York location in SOHO. The gallery was founded in 2001 by rock and roll photographer, Henry Diltz and partners Richard Horowitz and Peter Blachley. For more information, visit For more information on Julian Lennon's photography visit