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Julia Wadsworth disbarred lawyer: Mystery woman with no fingerprints identified

Ohio mystery woman without fingerprints is disbarred lawyer from Virginia.
Ohio mystery woman without fingerprints is disbarred lawyer from Virginia.
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When police arrested a woman in Ohio, who was trying to obtain an Ohio identification using a forged birth certificate, she turned out to be a real woman of mystery. They thought they would get truth of her real identity once getting her fingerprints, but they were wrong. This woman’s fingerprints were all removed, according to Canada Journal on Aug. 10.

Her fingertips were as “smooth as a baby’s butt” with absolutely no ridges left at all, said Allen County Sheriff Samuel Crish. Police found that she had searched “How to remove fingerprints” on her computer as well as how to determine if you are being investigated by a federal agency.

The woman was trying to obtain an identification under the name Julia Wadsworth. Since they couldn’t obtain her real identification, she was put in jail until a DNA test would offer up her name. She resisted, but the DNA test was done.

The next hurdle was the length of time the results take for the DNA test, which can be up to two months. The woman, who was still without a name, appeared in court on Tuesday under the name Jane Doe, according to The Spread It.

This bizarre case was in the local news and because it had such a mysterious aspect it was picked up nationally. That is when police got some help in identifying the woman, as someone in Florida recognized this Jane Doe.

She was identified as a 40-year-old disbarred lawyer from Virginia named Ann Marie Miller. She was practicing law in Roanoke until she was disbarred in 2009, said a man who called in an anonymous tip to police in Ohio after recognizing her photo in the news.

While all the verifying information has still not been received by the Allen County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio, police do believe that Julia Wadsworth and Ann Marie Miller are one in the same. Miller was disbarred in Virginia for a variety of reasons, which include falsifying documents and mishandling funds.

Before she was disbarred she was involved in a heated love-triangle with her law partner back then and a woman who later became the man’s wife. From Virginia, Miller moved to Colorado, where it is believed she gave birth to a child.

Her track record possibly includes illegal activities in Florida and Colorado. People who knew the disbarred lawyer, or had dealings with her in the past, were not at all surprised that she is in an Ohio jail after trying to get a false identification.

Some of the people who once knew her also question her mental state and expressed that it was their hope she would get some help now that she is incarcerated in Ohio. This isn’t the end of this story, as more drama is expected to follow this case with police looking into more information on the mystery woman.

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