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Julia Roberts shaken when the meet and greet with fans fence topples

Whenever celebrities get a chance to meet and greet their fans they are contained in a fenced in area that is supervised by police and security officers. Outside the Shrine at the SAG Awards in Los Angeles fans and Julia Roberts were enjoying the chance to say hello to each other, shake hands, possibly get a photo or two close up and if they were lucky an autograph from the super star.

SAG Awards greeting with fans has a mishap!
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

There was some excitement that no one was expecting. On Jan. 18 the trending news hit the wires from Perez Hilton while Julia Roberts was walking the red carpet at the SAG Awards and shaking hands with fans the strangest thing happened. The crowd had gotten so excited about getting a chance to touch her hand they kept leaning in causing the metal fence barrier to fall to the ground along with a few fans.

Julia luckily saw what was happening and stepped back from the falling fence and crowd just in time otherwise she may have fallen and been toppled by those in the crowd.

Security was right on top of things and took the matter into their hands. The crowd was controlled and the fencing barrier was erected and put back in place. No one was hurt and the meet and greet continued on again as if nothing happened out of the ordinary.

We’re all glad no one was hurt and Julia was able to continue dazzling the fans!

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