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2014 Winter Olympics

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Julia Mancuso hottest skier on Team USA? Lindsey Vonn's stand-in is sexy

Julia Mancuso hottest skier on Team USA
Julia Mancuso hottest skier on Team USA
Julia Mancuso/Facebook

Julia Mancuso might not have been thought about when it comes to skiing in the 2014 Sochi Olympics a few months back, but that was because Lindsey Vonn was going to compete. According to CNN on Tuesday, it was Julia Mancuso that replaced the injured skier. In the skiing world, fans knew that the two athletes were teammates, but for those Olympic fans there is a certain element of surprise. On Monday The Business Insider named Julia Mancuso one of the hottest athletes on Team USA. Many fans might go a step farther and suggest she is the sexiest female athlete on the Team USA.

Julia Mancuso has some tough competition for rocking one of the finest bodies on Team USA. Female athletes put every ounce of focus into their body and the final product is one that gives a precision look. Of course that’s true for athletes like Ashley Wagner, Lolo Jones and even Julie Chu, but it appears that Julia Mancuso edges other female athletes out slightly.

Julia Mancuso is called “Super Jules” by the fans and has a secret good luck charm on the slopes. It is reported that she wears a tiara during her runs under all her protective gear and helmet. Whatever it takes to be number one is fine with the fns!

Julia Mancuso looks to be grabbing the gold in the Winter Olympics and the fans don’t mind. In fact the view of the athlete will be good from America as she looks sexy navigating the slopes.