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Julia Louis-Dreyfus smokes e-cigarette on Golden Globe Awards opening (video)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus had the fans laughing on Sunday night during the 71st annual Golden Globe Awards. The entertainer is known for her work in films and television, but on Sunday night she was getting hassled by the hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for being in the film section of the audience and she even channeled Elizabeth Taylor. The moment was part of the opening of the award show and people appreciated the hilarious joke about Hollywood.

Of course the Golden Globe hosts were joking, but how Julia Louis-Dreyfus played it up had the fans in stitches. Sitting next to Reese Witherspoon, Louis-Dreyfus acted really important and pretended to be an over the top star who wouldn't even consider taking a picture with a fan.

While the star was playing up the moment very well, what had the fans laughing the hardest was her e-cigarette that she was puffing on. It reminded everyone of Elizabeth Taylor and how she used to puff away on cigarettes in same lady like fashion over fifty years ago. The classic moment of the late Hollywood actress had everyone in the building remembering Taylor and how she used to make a moment by simply smoking a cigarette.

Take a look at the video clip of Julia Louis-Dreyfus channeling Elizabeth Taylor at the Golden Globe Awards.

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