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2014 Winter Olympics

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Julia Lipnitskaia delights Olympic figure skating fans at Winter Games (video)

Figure skater Julia Lipnitskaia hasn't performed her routine for the Olympic individual competitions, but the figure skating world got a taste of the athlete’s perfection during the Olympic team performance. The athlete had the crowd clapping as she performed and it looked like the 15-year-old fed off the energy from the live crowd. After the performance the flowers and bears were showered over the ice and it appeared that a new champion was coming up the chain. According to Yahoo Sports, the world should be ready when Julia Lipnitskaia hits the ice for her chance to perform as an individual competitor.

The teen had a look of a champion on Saturday night. Astounding the home crowd with a near-perfect routine in the women's short program, it was a moment that even fans around the country recognized as a rising star.

Will Julia Lipnitskaia win a medal in the upcoming competitions? While she did her part for the Olympic team competition, but all eyes will be on the athlete for her next time on the ice. If her program is as good as the team performance, or better there is no doubt she will be making her mark in the Sochi Olympics and taking the podium.

Want to see Julia Lipnitskaia in action? Check out a previous performance on the ice. The perfect moves are so impressive!

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