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Jules Underwater Lodging for an Experience of a Lifetime - If You Can Afford It

Recently while watching television, I saw a place to stay called The Jules Underwater Lodging. This looked amazing so I had to learn more information about it. It is an actual room you can stay in under the sea. There are others located around the world, but this one is in Key Largo, Florida. It was named after the author of the book "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."

This was originally a research lab for learning about things under the sea. It was built back in the 1970s. This was turned into a business in the year 1986. They still use it on occasion as a research lab.

You must learn to scuba dive to get down to the room. They will give you a crash course if you don't know how to do it already. Once you get down there, a huge window awaits you to watch the fish swim by while you are there. They bring you dinner and breakfast. You don't have to leave the entire stay if you don't want to at all. There is a refrigerator, DVD player, TV, and more in here for you.

They have several different prices depending on what you want and how long you plan to stay here. For as little as $125/each, you can stay here for three hours, but not spend the night. The cheapest nightly stay that they offer is $400/each.

There are many health reasons that people cannot dive or that they will not allow you to at this location. These include insulin dependent diabetic and pregnancy. They also advise you consider not doing it if you are claustrophobic.

This all sounds very expensive to me and something I doubt I can ever afford in this lifetime. It appears to be an amazing adventure that you will remember the rest of your lives. If you have more money than I do or just want to splurge on yourself, this could be the place for your next vacation!

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