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Jules Shepard: New name, website, and a call for support

Just last month, Jules Shepard, formerly of Jules Gluten Free, announced her resignation from the company. Jules said she would be back with a new name and a new website, so here is an update. Jules has re-branded herself 'Gluten Free Jules'. Her flours and mixes, which should start shipping in two to three weeks, will also be re-branded with this name as well.

While Jules is making strides to rebuild her company, there is a long way to go, and your financial support is needed. Jules has put together a range of thank-yous: from listing your name on the supporters page (under construction) to hand-signed bags of mixes and flour, to Skyping with her, and even to her coming to your home (or you to hers) to make dinner for you and five guests. Check out the 36 gifting options on the Help Jules Rebuild page.

Meanwhile, web designers, programmers, and writers are working frantically to build the new Gluten Free Jules site. For right now, the temporary home page is up, but the new site will include: flour, mixes, e-books, recipes, and her blog. The new site will be clean, secure, easy to use, and it will work on any size screen for tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops.

Please tell everyone they can find the REAL Jules at gfJules!

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