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Julep, just one of many pregnant dogs that are part of overcrowded shelters

Julep one of many pregnant females awaiting rescue at county run animal shelters
Julep one of many pregnant females awaiting rescue at county run animal shelters
Lincoln County Animal Services

Julep will become a statistic very soon. She is a pit mix that was found as a stray wandering in Lincoln County. No doubt she was someone's dog at one time.

Pregnant Pit mix may never get out of shelter unless help comes soon
Lincoln County Animal Services

Shelter co-ordinator Lisa Douglas describes her as " very sweet and loving...and picked up as a stray." Like many dogs , Julep was never meant to be a stray.She was probably someone's dog at one time, but for whatever reason she faced the unknown and now faces death. She has what it takes to go to a forever home. Not all dogs do. But because Julep is a pit mix and pregnant, her chances of becoming another montly euthanization statistic are very high.

All county run kill shelters face swelling numbers this spring. As do many rescues. There is so much truth to the messages we all see asking us to spay and neuter , not shop but adopt, and give a shelter dogs, cats a chance.

Many county run animal shelters have a "no fee" to pull a dog for a legitimate 501c3 rescue. The issue there is many rescues are tapped out , they are either full or funds are just not coming in as well as they did in better economic times. So dogs like Julep stand even slimmer chances of ever seeing the light of day.

"We have had several pregnant female dogs and cats in the shelter each month." Douglas states.

That may not be that much of an alarm for some shelters, but for Lincoln it is. The vet who oversees the health and well being of the shelter does not want to keep pregnant dogs and cats nor does she want new born litters for fear of disease spreading. So they either get rescued, adopted or die.

The full court press is on for Julep and many like her. This dog could be the one your family may never forget once adopted. Please visit your local shelter and take home the dog or cat that needs rescuing. Chances are, it will be the best thing you have done lately.

For more information on adopting or rescuign Julep, visit her at 650 John Howell Memorial Drive in Lincolnton. Hours are M-Sat 11 to 4:30. Ph: 704 736 4125. Her ID number which is very important should you want her is "A15674425." You can also go to "" to see most of the dogs, cats, pups and kittens that are in need of a home.