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Juicing your way to health. How to address common health conditions with a glass of juice.


Juicing.  When that word comes to mind do you picture a huge mess and lots of energy expended which will result in a few ounces of juice?  Well, that would've been the case a while back but there are several new juicers which are cost effective, quick and easy to clean. I will provide links below to some of the highest rated, based on pricing and ease of use.  So now that we have gotten past all the negatives, lets move on to the amazing, positive, health rejuvenating benefits of juicing.

Let's first examine the why's of juicing.  Reducing fresh fruits and vegetables to its simplest form, juice furnishes all the cells in the body with the nutritional elements in a manner in which they can be easily and quickly assimilated.  Juices, as opposed to actually eating the fruit or vegetable, gets into the cells and are utilized quicker by the body usually within ten to fifteen minutes of consumption. Whereas eating the same fruit or vegetable may take at least a couple of hours to breakdown after going through the digestive system.  Fruit juices are the cleansers of the body and vegetables are the builders and regenerators providing all the minerals, salts, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins that the human body requires.  The result, a very positive and powerful health benefit with minimal effort or energy requirements placed on the body.

One of the most important things to remember about juicing is that by breaking the fruit or vegetable down to its simplest form removes the fiber and thus the juice will spoil much quicker so it is essential to consume fresh juice within at least a few hours of juicing.  It is preferable to to consume immediately after juicing as that is when the nutritional properties are at its peak.  Additionally, if you have any health issues or are ill, due to its detoxifying abilities, it is best to dilute the juice with fifty-fifty mix in order to prevent any of the cleansing affects that juicing can have.  Some of these can be bloating and gas.  It is also best to drink fruit and vegetable juices separately, mixing them can cause some with weak digestion to have stomach upset issues. 

 Ok, so we have now covered the why's.  The next thing that needs to be considered is the quantity.  For general health maintenance, usually one pint daily, is sufficient, however, if you are using juicing to deal with a health issue, two to three pints is receommended.  It is additionally important to make sure you wash your fruit and vegetables thoroughly to make sure that you remove any pesticides or other contaminants so as not to defeat the purpose of juicing.  There are various fruit washing products on the market that do a sufficient job or for more economical purposes you can uses ten drops of grapefruit seed extract in a basin of water.  Grapefruit seed extract is a natural bacteria and fungus killer and will kill fungus, mold and yeast.  Using a scrub brush will remove the pesticides.  

 Here are a few fresh juice formulas to treat common ailments (recipes are separated by semicolons not combined):
Arthritis:  Grapefruit; carrot and spinach; celery, carrot and celery
Anemia:  Carrot, celery, parsley and spinach; Carrot and spinach; Carrot, beet and celery
Bladder issues: Carrot and spinach; Carrot, beet and cucumber; Carrot, celery and parsley
Bronchitis: Carrot and spinach; Carrot and dandelion; Carrot, beet and cucumber
Colds: Carrot, beet and cucumber; Carrot, celery and radish; Carrot and spinach
Headaches: Carrot and spinach; Carrot, celery, parsley and spinach
Ulcers: Carrot and spinach; Carrot, beet and cucmber; cabbage

Cheers to your health.  Happy jucing.
 Cheers to your health

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