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Juicing for health

Juicing is all the rage now and there are definitely benefits. There are a few things Joe Cross forgot to mention about the whole process one might want to think over prior to leaping into juicing. These things include the machinery involved, the nutrients one can't get from veggies juiced or otherwise, and some things related to the process. None of them show stoppers, but definitely things that need to be taken into account.

Mr. Cross used a high end Breville juicer that does a good job turning leafy veggies into nutrient rich soup. Now the part he didn't mention – not every juicer can handle green leafies and firm root veg such as carrots. Joe's Breville is great on spinach and kale, not so much on apples and carrots. There are two main types (that are affordable by we mere mortals) and he centrifugal is great for fruits and veggies, the auger style works wonders on green leafy veggies, root veggies and fruit not so much. The centrifugal sitting in the kitchen at this moment seems to work all right on both types up to a point – close enough at any rate.

Whichever machine one chooses, it is important to stick to it – the first taste of juice may be a bit strange, but as time goes on the juice will become habitual to the point missing a day will cause the DTs. Might even give up meat and go “whole plant,” garnering nutrition from a primary source instead of leftover nutrients from meat. It'll be up to the eater/cook how far the family will go.

Here at home it's juice for breakfast and lunch,then when the Mrs. gets home it is time for a vegetarian dinner. As the cook one is the gatekeeper, keeping bad food out and allowing good food in – watching the whole family's heath. While there's nothing wrong with cutting loose a bit now and again, it is important to keep junk food and processed poison at arms length.

Get out, pick a Juicer that suits and get started – supplement the juice with healthy meals, enjoy the benefits and get the family 0n the track to a healthier lifestyle.

Places to get juicers


12900 W Thunderbird Rd

El Mirage, AZ 85335

Phone: (623) 583-1321


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