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Juicing for cheap and easy, and a taste you can stand

Juicing is such a pain. And expensive and time consuming.

And I'm not positive because I've never done it, but I don't think I want to live on juice alone, but I'll try most anything.

One of the bad things about juicing is some of it contains a ton of sugar. Natural sugar, but sugar nonetheless.

I know this is terrible to say, but women who do the raw thing tend to look fantastic, the guys tend to look like emaciated survivors of the desert.

However, speaking of sugar, carrot juice is a good sweetener and an okay flavor for me. But the sugar content of the juice is outrageous. I've used a little bit for fast carbs in a protein drink prior to and while at the gym.

This is my favorite

There is a bottled juice in the refrigerated area of grocery stores that I am into. The down side is the cost is $3.50 to almost $5.00 for a 32 ounce bottle. Walmart is cheapest.

It is called Daily Greens by Bolthouse Farms. But they have a ton more flavors and ingredients, and smoothies, and teas. And right on the shelf will be other brands you can check out.

For myself Daily Greens is an acquired taste, which I have not fully acquired even though I have been drinking it since mid-last year.

But I found a way to like it and make it go further and cost less.

I divide the bottle in half and top it off with V8 or a store brand version. Then I squirt my plastic lemon into it, and a little bit of hot sauce and it's all set.

How long does it last?

Up to you. I like it a lot now, but I have to watch how much I consume because I need to watch my potassium intake, and so one bottle lasts three days. I just take a slug out of the bottle a few times a day. Keep refrigerated.

I honestly like it enough that I could drink a lot if not for the potassium content, which won't bother many people unless they have a kidney issue.

So why did I tell you?

Because the concept of juicing is a good one. I certainly don't think it can hurt, just read the labels first because some of the different versions are loaded with sugar.

You can even get it made with protein powder, and coffee, and lots of other choices.

Try it, you might get into it. It is a variation of a raw diet. I do it to get something good into me.

What do humans think?

This link contains a boat load of home video reviews about Bolthouse. The vids let you see both sides if you are interested.

Try it straight if you can. See if it makes a difference in how you look and feel.

You might like the taste right off, but I would be prepared with something to dilute it; probably not water.

Cinta anda

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