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Juice in the City coming Soon

Who doesn’t like to save money? Or for that matter, who doesn’t like making money? Being a stay at home mom and trying to raise two kids on only one income, money is certainly tight for me. I am always looking for ways to either make money or save money. And now with the internet it is getting easier and easier to find ways to do both. Although I have seen my share of money making scams out there, there are legitimate ways to make money. Writing here is one small way I have found. I also worked doing recruiting for some time, but found that it was very difficult to be on the phones when my two kids wanted my attention the minute I would get on the phone. And, as far as saving money, I have researched the various online savings group, like Groupon, Daily Deals and many others. More and more of these groups are surfacing online but it is hard to find those deals that target my needs. This will hopefully change soon though. There is a new group coming down the road that will hopefully change this. And it is now offering the best of both worlds. The idea is that it is going to be a group made by moms, for moms and deals for moms! See the trend?

Juice in the City is an upcoming online startup that is aiming to fill this gap. And they have recently received $6 million dollars in seed money to expand other areas, including Dedham and Boston.

They know that most mothers tend to trust other mothers. So, they are currently starting to put local vendors and moms together to provide excellent deals to local mothers. The local moms will get a deal, write about it and when other moms use that same deal, the original mom will make some money on the commission. So, in the end, everyone makes out on it!

So, if you are looking to make some extra money, you can apply at I have already applied and will certainly be letting you all know how it goes.

Otherwise, keep your eyes out for some great deals in the area.


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