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Juice fasting: A healthy lifestyle habit

Juice fasting necessities
Juice fasting necessities
Avonelle Silcott

In an effort to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, many people are turning to juice fasting. While juice fasting has quickly become a trend for some, for others it has become a daily, weekly or monthly way of life. Fasting can range from one day to several weeks or months depending on the individual. So what exactly is juice fasting?

Simply put, it’s a method of detoxifying or cleansing the body of toxins through the use of juicing fruits, vegetables and herbs. Further, it gives the body a chance to heal and a break from the consumption of animal products, refined sugars and dairy.

Some even look at it as a way to get in the recommended daily intake and then some of fruits and vegetables. Juice fasting also takes time and planning, so preparation before and after is necessary. With any type of fast comes an emotional detox as well. During the fast, some may be able to recognize the emotional connection to food.

Going into a juice fast has it benefits, but let’s face it, juice fasting is not cheap. The average vegetable, fruit or herb does not yield a lot of juice, so purchasing a lot just to get a good serving can be costly. And let’s not mention the funky stares you’ll get at the grocery store when you’re purchasing all those healthy goodies.

While others have shopping carts filled with pork chops and apple sauce, you're going to look mighty strange with a conveyor belt full of leafy greens, other veggies and fruits. Then, when you take a look at the pulp (fiber) that you are discarding after juicing, you will surely feel like you’ve just thrown your money out the window. But fear not. Here are two tips to help ease the pain:

  • Use veggies that yield more water like cucumbers and celery. These are fairly inexpensive and are able to fill up a juice container quicker.
  • If fruits and veggies are cleaned well, the pulp can be used to add to soups, breads and various other items.

Anyone who's ready to take the plunge into the world of juice fasting should check out Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead with Joe Cross. It’s sure to get your mind and the proverbial ball rolling.

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