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Judy Ann Santos reveals Sarah Geronimo's mom & dad's secret

Sarah Geronimo with Matteo Guidicelli
Sarah Geronimo with Matteo Guidicelli

In an interview with Kris Aquino on KrisTV which aired on ABS-CBN Thursday, July 10, 2014, Judy Ann Santos, one of the closest friends of pop princess Sarah Geronimo, revealed that the controversial parents are always with Sarah every time they go out. Based on her revelation on the popular morning show of Kris Aquino, Mommy Divine and Daddy Delfin are alternately accompanying their precious daughter every time they go out.

As you all know, Mommy Divine is very strict when it comes to her daughters’ suitors especially Sarah Geronimo. Some observers say she was also the reason why Gerald Anderson decided to give space for the pop princess; based on their observations, the actor was forced to leave his princess who was also in love with him at the time due to the rules and regulations set by the Geronimos.

Anyway, both of them are now giving their best to make their respective partners happy. In the case of Gerald, he has Maja Salvador while Sarah has Matteo Guidicelli who became famous not only because of his relationship with the pop princess, but also because of his undeniable talent in singing, acting and hosting.

Some people say Matteo is just using Sarah Geronimo to make his name bigger in the industry, but when you ask his supporters especially AshMatt, they will tell you that it won’t happen because they’re not doing a movie or even a TV project under Star Cinema and Viva Films, two of the biggest movie outfits in the country today that produced almost all of the box office movies of Sarah Geronimo.

Going back to the parents; some people say they have already given their trust to Matteo who started courting their princess when they were in the U.S. for a series of shows last year.