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Judith Arnold helps launch new reality romance novel series with her latest title 'Meet Me in Manhat

Judith Arnold launches reality romance novels with Meet Me in Manhattan
Judith Arnold launches reality romance novels with Meet Me in Manhattan
From Judith Arnold's website

Perennial favorite and bestselling romance author Judith Arnold said yes to the request to write a launch book for the new True Vows series developed by Olivia Rupprecht of HCI Books.  “Olivia sent me an article about Ted and Erika which appeared in the Sunday Styles section of the New York Times.  As soon as I read the article, I wanted to turn their story into a novel,” Arnold explained.  “They’d been high school sweethearts, broke up, and sixteen years later reunited in Manhattan and discovered that the love they thought had died was still very much alive.”  That’s how Meet Me in Manhattan was conceived over a year ago and now it’s set to arrive at book stores, Target and CVS chains everywhere, as well as Amazon, and other on-line booksellers.

In addition to searching the media for stories about couples, True Vows invites people to submit their own courtship stories.  This can be done through the True Vows web site at (  But Arnold warns, “Lots of people think their stories of falling in love are terrific, but those stories don’t always make for good novels.  To work as a romance novel, a story needs conflict.”

Take a Look at a Reality Romance Book

Better TV, a syndicated TV magazine produced by Better Homes and Gardens, was intrigued enough by Meet Me in Manhattan and the True Vows concept that they’re broadcasting a feature about the book on their September 14th show.  The feature includes interviews with Ted and Erika, as well as Judith Arnold.  The feature will be available for viewing on their web site <> starting September 14th for all of us to take a look at the new reality romance series.