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Judging a Book by it’s Cover~Could you Date Someone Who had a Questionable Past?

Body language
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How would you describe yourself in 3 sentences? Do you think people know the “real you?”

With less “face to face” contact due to online dating & social media outlets, people are spending more time behind a computer and becoming even more judgmental than ever before. All it takes is the click of a mouse and we are on to the next more attractive profile photo without giving any thought to getting to know that other possibly charming person who was waiting in our online dating inbox.

We pretend to be the salt of the earth, posting selfies with our natural “makeup free” face and half naked photos all over Facebook, all the while professing our love for the Universe and Law of Attraction. Is that just a Facade of who we really think we are and is attracting "liked minded" people towards us always a good thing? We go through stages in our lives that can be very life altering because of our attitudes and external presence. We are trying to make a point but often do not know what that is.

Insecurities lie deep within the majority of the population because they are not comfortable in their own skin. When meeting someone for the first time, many people do not give others the benefit of the doubt and often label them very quickly.

When we are not happy with ourselves, we tend to find fault in others.

Isn’t it our own responsibility of how we allow ourselves to be portrayed?

Clothes, attitude, hairstyles, and body art, all make an initial statement regardless of whether we think it should. It is a form of expression and usually a good part of who that person is at the time. Dying your hair fuchsia, having 20 facial piercings, over done plastic surgery and full body tattoos will get definitely get you attention. It is human nature and society that makes the general public react with a quick summation to something that is “out of the norm.” Is this truly the first impression you want to give off to people, or are you rebelling due to some internal anger or hurt? After all, body language is an open window to your true character.

First impressions “make or break” a second date, which is why it is strongly advised to be ready when you are looking for that special person to share your life with. People can change, and that includes you. If you feel your past is somewhat questionable with the choices you made, the first step is to own them, acknowledge them & forgive yourself. Everyone makes mistakes but do not always admit or accept their part in the constant turmoil that surrounds them. Blaming your life choices on others will only keep you in denial and block your future happiness.

Asking for help is a great way to move towards a healthier direction. Having a mentor, trusted friend or family member can help you see what you may not be conscious about with your actions in some cases. We all have a past but it is how we deal with our future that defines us. We are all beautiful and deserve love in our lives.

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