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Judges redeem Paul Williams in a boxing embarrassment

Where New Jersey is sending Paul Williams
Where New Jersey is sending Paul Williams
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

We recently discussed how the likes of David Haye are pulling the plug on the boxing feeding tube. Last night we learned that judges continue to do their part. Paul “The Punisher” Williams got punished by Erislandy Lara for nearly 12 rounds. By this unofficial scorecard Lara won a 117-111 unanimous decision.

The judges involved, who shall remain nameless, did not see the same fight the rest of the world did. In fact, they did not see it as any competent human being would have. Judge 1 had it at a 114-114 draw. Judge 2 had it at 114-115 for Williams. Judge 3 had it at 114-116 for Williams. All three scores are an incompetent shame.

Not only was Williams slapped around the ring, he was sloppy. He missed most of the 100+ punches per round. Lara countered, attacked, and the HBO commentators speculated as to whether Williams’ was jeopardizing his health. Folks, he was. The shots that Williams willingly accepted are not healthy. It is understood that pride got in the way, including the pride of Williams’ corner, but Paul had no answer for the overhand lefts that kept snapping his neck back.

What the New Jersey licensed judges did last night was place a fighter in jeopardy. Williams lost the fight soundly and now he will certainly be back in the ring. Whether it’s a rematch with Lara, which makes the most sense, or another man, Williams is on track to permanent injury. Great job judges!

As a judge who has been certified by the Association of Boxing Commissions for the last four years, I take extreme offense to what went on last night. Judges who lack the capacity and/or competence to perform their job are an insult to the sport. As discussed yesterday, Williams is a judge’s dream, and he certainly is; however, there is no question that he received an incredible amount of damage last night. There is no question that he lost the fight. There is no question that he will be back because of the incompetence of the unqualified judges.

The state of New Jersey is a friend of boxing, but last night it became a foe. Reevaluate your licensing standards already! Promoters, if any of the three clowns from last night are selected for fight assignments—reject them. Fighters, make sure you have a neurologist on speed dial. Pathetic! Better yet, go to California or Nevada. New Jersey doesn’t know what the Hades to do anymore.


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