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Judges chosen for Prop 8, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals hearing

No on Prop 8 campaign poster
No on Prop 8 campaign poster

The judicial picks to preside over the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal's hearing on Prop 8 this December 6th were announced yesterday.

Justices Michael D. Hawkins, N. Randy Smith, and Stephen Reinhardt were randomly selected to preside over the internationally renown trial which will rule on the validity of Justice Walker's ruling to overturn Prop 8 made last August. One can assume that the Prop 8 proponents can't be too happy.

Conservative columnist Ed Whelan of the National Review laments the pickings:

Reinhardt (appointed by President Carter in 1980) may well be the most aggressive liberal judicial activist in the nation—and the most reversed judge in history. Hawkins, a 1994 Clinton appointee, is also regularly on the Left on the Ninth Circuit. Smith, who was appointed by President George W. Bush in 2007, is much more of a judicial conservative.

Later in the day, Whelan further complains over the selections adding:

I’ve apparently understated how bad the panel draw is. A source I trust tells me that of the 47 active and senior judges on the Ninth Circuit, there are only five or six other judges who are as aggressively and reflexively leftist as Reinhardt and Hawkins.

These Justices may be bad as far as the National Organization for Marriage (or NOM) is concerned, but for the furtherance of equality in California, these Judicial picks may just rule of the correct side of history, and pave the way for equal marriage rights in our state, and in our country.


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