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Judges are cracking down on animal abuse

Oliver was stabbed over 20 times by Benjamin Fullwood.
Oliver was stabbed over 20 times by Benjamin Fullwood.
WTOC (with permission)

April is animal abuse awareness month and two judges are reiterating that in their sentences given to animal abusers. Benjamin Fullwood (24), from Georgia, and Tyler Scott Sanders (21), from Louisiana, are now serving 10-years on felony animal abuse charges.

Judges are starting to hand down stricter sentences on animal abuse cases.
General blog pictures (with permission)

Fullwood, was arrested one-year-ago after he sicced his two dogs on a pet pig that had wondered into the trailer park where he lived. Fullwood then proceeded to pull the dogs off the pig and began stabbing the pig over 20 times. The pig whose name is Oliver barely survived the attack.

Superior Court Judge John R. Turner, sentenced Fullwood, to ten years, five of which will be served in prison, the remainder of his term will be served on probation.

Sanders was charged in November after he severely beat a 6-month-old puppy and then shot it in the head three times with a pellet gun. The puppy that has since been named Halo survived the attack, and was rescued by the Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue.

Judge Clayton Davis sentenced Sanders to five years in prison and five years of supervised probation upon his release. Sanders is also doing time on marijuana possession charges.

The only other man to receive this kind of sentence was been Bobby Joe McConnell (48), from S.C.. He was sentenced last March. McConnell had muzzled, and tied his mother-in-law and daughters, three dogs with duct tape, and threw them into a nearby canal. Unfortunately only one of the dogs survived.

Judge Larry Hyman sentenced McConnell to ten years in prison, and he was fined $10,000. Judge Hyman described the actions of McConnell as, “The product of an evil heart.”

More Judges are handing down longer sentences when it comes to animal abuse, and these three landmark cases may set a precedent as a warning that the courts will no longer this type of cruelty.

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