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Judge Wade McCree known for, “No shame in his Game” faces Judicial Misconduct

Detroit, MI-Wayne County Judge, Wade McCree known for displaying his shirtless chest in a fashion that had him defending his actions now faces Judicial Misconduct. The woman that Wade allegedly was having an affair with testifies while she was a litigant before him, he asked her to terminate her pregnancy when she told him she was pregnant.

Geniene LaShay Mott testified Monday “ At times the Judge appeared thrilled, other times he pushed for her to terminate the pregnancy.”

Wade accused Mott of stalking him after their affair went sour back in November. Wade went as far as reporting to Wayne County Prosecutor Kim Worthy how he’d been a “bad boy” for having an extramarital affair.

Worthy is now the key witness in the case against Wade. Mott testified that she and McCree traded text messages about the child support case involving Robert King, her six-year-old daughter's father. The two discussed whether King be tethered or thrown in jail if he didn't pay up on his child support.

Mott also testified that her cousin had a case before McCree and that he was released from jail by the judge without a formal hearing.

McCree is scheduled to testify Tuesday when the hearing resumes. McCree, the married father of two had admitted to the affair with Mott But insists he did not let these facts influence his decision in her case

Wade face censure, suspension or removal from the bench by the Michigan Supreme Court of he is found guilty/


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