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Judge Vaughn Walker rules California's Prop 8 unconstitutional

Attorneys Jason Cobb and Jason Prussman were married in California while it was still legal.
Attorneys Jason Cobb and Jason Prussman were married in California while it was still legal.
(Photo courtesy of The GLBT Center of Colorado)


  • Baron Alexander 5 years ago

    GOD created ADAM AND EVE....these HOMOSEXUALS are NOT EQUIPPED to be A FATHER and MOTHER...partner one and partner two and their dildos for lesbians do not a MARRIAGE make!!!
    courtoisie de BARON Aexnader von Hjelman
    Part time VISITOR

  • Remigio 5 years ago

    The function of marriage is not solely for procreation, and while I respect your right to be religious, I don't believe anyone's faith should be used to subjugate an entire population of Americans. LGBT parents' sexuality does not impair their ability to love and nurture happy, well-adjusted children.

  • John Walsh 5 years ago

    Religion is for weak-minded idiots and superstitious peasants who smell like cabbage.

  • Remigio 5 years ago

    @ John Walsh: To be fair, there are a lot of Christians who are open and affirming towards the LGBT community. Plus, many gays and lesbians are active participants in their churches.

  • Bryan Keith 5 years ago

    Oh Idiot Vaughn - let any "Gay" (Scottish for happy NOT homosexual" male couple "Marry" and adopt some little boys so that they have a lot more "homosexual" fun as these "kids" grow. The entire concept is disgusting and boys need to be informed of their eventual appreciation of women before they are inducted into "Gay" operations. THAT IS THE REAL TRUTH!

  • Remigio 5 years ago

    @ Bryan Keith: Making a claim that gay couples raise gay children is interesting considering that most of us are raised by straight parents. The idea that homosexuality is acquired through some kind of "conversion" is absurd. Sexual orientation is an innate component of a person's identity, not a role that someone learns to play.

  • JR Bailey Casper Public Policy Examiner 5 years ago

    Hello there,

    Sadly, the pro-homosexual advocacy groups continue to do what Social Progressive always do when they can't convince the General Public (which is something they can rarely achieve, being that the G.P. usually maintains good sense on most issues):

    The take their complaints to the Judicial Branch of government, which stopped being what it was designed to be by the Founders: definers of terms and NOT legislators.

    Different day, same story: find a judge which agrees with the SP premise and then wait for the pre-determined outcome.

    Aaron Proctor, Philadelphia Libertarian Examiner had a great idea that should satisfy all parties: get Govt. OUT of the marriage business.

    Anybody wants to get married, homosexual or straight, two places to go:

    1. Lawyers to work out Pre-Nupps in case of 'divorce'....and
    2. Churches where the institution of marriage was founded.

    ELCA can skew the Word of God all it wants and hold the marriages: they'll answer to the Lord.


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