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Judge snaps bone breaking biter's financial back

Raleigh police officers do what they can to protect the citizens and children of the City of Oaks.
Raleigh police officers do what they can to protect the citizens and children of the City of Oaks.
Loretta Arnold, RHE

Biological nightmare? A twisted mother allegedly torturing her 16-week-old son sounds like an introduction to a horrific crime thriller. But it's not. Twelve of one local baby's ribs, and both scapula bones, were broken after the child was bitten and abused by the same person who is suppose to love him. Prosecution points at his biological mother, who wants to mount a defense.

The entire story brings the word psychotic to mind. Why comes second. An infection could slow recovery, permanently injure or kill a child this young. As much as 15% of human bite victims suffer infection.

The accused bone breaking biter may require a 'dream team' musket defense attorney with a 'dream child' line. According to ABC-11 News, that he had.

Defense attorney Damon Chetson told the court that the baby was more less a miracle baby. A dream child. But it may not be enough to win over the judge, the jury, the prosecution, or even the old lady in room 1220. Mary Martin Peele has some explaining to do involving the baby's injuries. The baby was admitted to Wake Med July 19th. Doctors blew the whistle on mommy dearest.

Charged with felony child abuse (one count/inflicting injury) and misdemeanor child abuse (one count), bond was (past tense) set at $250,000. Judge hiked bond to $400,000. No confirmation as to what spiked those numbers. Flight risk is possible.

The news of the baby abused by means of biting takes locals by shock. "Woman bites baby" is a rare headline.

Who...or what, if not the mother?

Sometimes animal owners go to all lengths to protect their dogs, even when they are vicious. Sometimes mothers protect all children, even when one has been injured. Sometimes wives protect husbands, even if a child is harmed. And sometimes mothers protect themselves, even if it means throwing a child under the bus...and the bus implies her teeth.

Note: Doctors would have suggested an animal bite if the marks matched that of an animal. But they were from a different type of animal. An inhumane human.

Time may offer more information but as for now the mother claims she didn't do it. Prosecution claims she did.

The baby is in recovery, healing the broken ribs and broken shoulder bones. Unfortunately, for the little guy, he may be scared of something for the rest of his life and be clueless as to why or remember even what. Or he could bite himself, or others, because his was wired by experience. Which remains hopefully not to be seen. For now, locals hope for the best.

As for Peele, alleged biological nightmare, she'll have plenty of time-out to come up with defense strategies and bits of 'feel good mommy' memories -- from behind a jail cell.

Just be happy the judge has upped the ante on bond. No bones about it, Judge Brewer is not biting all of Peele's story.


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