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Judge's ruling denies closure for families

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According to an August 12 article in AP News, an Ohio judge ordered a temporary halt on executions. Federal Judge Gregory Frost extended an existing moratorium halting executions until January 15. The halt was ordered because of a change in the lethal injection mixtures which has led to record long executions in Ohio and Arizona.

According to the website Death Penalty Info; only 7 States have performed more executions than Ohio. Texas has performed nearly 5 times as many executions as the next closest State; Oklahoma. The number of executions in the US has decreased in each of the past 2 years.

Christians who support the death penalty typically point to Exodus 21:24 (an eye for an eye) as the foundation for their position. Others point to the Beatitudes; specifically Matthew 5:38 as the model for how Christians should handle being a victim of an assault or a crime. Jesus required followers to turn the other cheek.

100 Christians were asked to share their feelings about the death penalty. 95% of them do not support the death penalty in any form. When asked if their opinion would change if a member of their family was the accused; all 95 of them said no. when asked if their opinion would change if a member of their family were the victim; over half of them ( 49) said yes.

The death penalty creates two sets of mourners. There is the family of the victim, and the family of the one being executed. The execution day ultimately draws protests from those who may or may not have even known the accused. Is there a suitable and fair substitution for the death penalty? Would you feel different if the victim or the accused were a member of your family?