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Judge rules Casey Anthony won't answer questions about daughters disappearance

On Tuesday, March 4, Fox News reported that the judge in the civil suit against Casey Anthony has ruled that Anthony will not be forced to answer questions regarding her daughter’s disappearance and death. However, the judge did state that Anthony will not be allowed to pick and choose which questions she will answer.

Casey Anthony won't have to answer questions about Caylee in civil suit.
Daily Mail

Zenaida Gonzalez is suing Casey Anthony, 27 for defamation after Anthony went public at the time of her daughters disappearance in 2008 that a nanny with the same name had kidnapped little Caylee Anthony. The judge made it clear that Anthony will not be forced to answer questions regarding Caylee’s whereabouts at the time Gonzalez claims the defamation occurred.

Many people watching and waiting on the case to go to trial and were hoping to finally get some answered to all the questions Anthony’s criminal trial left unanswered. The motion that was filed by Gonzalez’s attorney asked that the attorneys be allowed to ask Anthony specific questions about Caylee, her disappearance and death.

Even though Anthony was acquitted in the murder trial, the judge denied the motion. The reason for the denial was due to the fact that it was possible that by answering the specific questions Anthony would say something to incriminate herself.

During Anthony’s deposition last month, she was placed under oath. She refused to answer the questions about little two years-old Caylee. Anthony even threatened to leave the deposition if they continued to question her along that line.

The judge instructed Gonzalez’s attorney that they can only ask Casey Anthony questions that directly correlate to the defamation lawsuit.

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