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Judge Reinaker issues Esther Schmucker 'Amish Mafia' a warning

Imir Williams had his day in the Lancaster courts for violating parole when he returned to Esther Schmucker’s residence. Part of Imir’s parole stipulation was to have no contact with Esther, star of “Amish Mafia.”

Esther Schmucker 'Amish Mafia'
Discovery Channel

Esther attended the hearing. Judge Reinaker had a few things to say to both of them. After sentencing Imir to three more months in prison for violating the no contact order, he said, "Courtroom Eight is not a set for the Discovery Channel. I am not interested in your ratings. You two have been nothing but a nuisance to law-enforcement."

He told Esther, "I'm telling you, Ms. Schmucker, if I could put you and Mr. Williams in Lancaster County Prison, I'd do it. You were the one who criticized the DA (Craig Stedman)."

Apparently, Esther had nothing to say. The Lancaster News reported that she nodded her head in understanding. According to Imir’s parole officer, Imir contacted Esther right after he was released from jail in December 2013. Since then, Imir tested positive for marijuana three times. Police responded to disturbance calls on January 31 and Feb. 21, 2014 at Esther’s apartment in Lancaster. Both times, they found Imir inside.

When Imir tried to explain that he didn’t mean to violate his parole, the judge interrupted him and said, “That’s pretty much exactly what you did. You had contact and you kept having contact.”

In earlier reports, Imir allegedly gave Esther’s address as his living address after he was paroled. Imir gave this excuse. “It’s tough; I’ve never been in this situation. At 25, I have no control over what happens in my life anymore. I love her to death, but there are circumstances right now... I don’t know, man. I don’t know what else to say.”

Judge Reinaker sentenced Imir to three months, with the possibility of an early release if he finds work. Judge Reinaker sternly told Imir and Esther they were to have no contact with each other and that included no letters, or phone calls.

Imir spent time in jail after he brutally beat Esther on October 31, 2013. He stayed by her bedside for three days so she could not contact police. He was so vicious that he broke her nose, fractured cheekbone, and broken teeth from his blows.

Law enforcement later caught up with Imir and he spent time in jail until his court hearing. He was paroled with the restriction to have no contact with Esther.

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