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Judge orders brain-dead pregnant woman be removed of life support

District Judge R. H. Wallace Jr. has ordered a Texas hospital to remove life support of a pregnant woman who was declared brain-dead according to Fox News reports on Jan. 24. John Peter Smith Hospital has kept 33-year-old Marlise Munoz on life support in order to keep her unborn baby alive for the past eight weeks.

A Texas judge has ordered a hospital to remove life support of a pregnant woman who was declared brain-dead
Joe Raedle/ Getty Images

Mrs. Munoz’s unborn fetus is currently at 22 weeks gestation; she had been kept on a ventilator since last November 2013.

Husband, Erick Munoz and family members have been battling with the Texas-based hospital to pull Mrs. Munoz off life support for months; they have expressed that those were her wishes.

Due to the current Texas law, the hospital had to comply to keep the unborn child protected even though all brain activity has ceased with the mother.

Marlise Munoz’s husband found his wife unconscious when she was 14 weeks along; he learned that their baby suffered from oxygen deprivation along with deformed lower extremities, evidence through medical records.

What are your thoughts about this husband's fight for his wife's wishes and their unborn baby?

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