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Judge Me or Don't Judge Me

Peace Rally
Peace Rally
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Why we think its "OK" to judge others has been a fascinating question to attempt to answer. There are times that we are put into situations that require us to do just that. These times are usually limited to the courtroom jury’s decision on the fate of someone's life. There are more trivial times that we face judgment; whether we look good in something or not. After all, it is our deep seated insecurity that brings out the question in the first place.

There has been a lot of discussion about race in America and to ignore the fact that racism does still exist would be ignoring the obvious fact that it is alive and well. Yet, when it comes to sensitive discussions, such as race, religion or money, we all tend to have some type of disposition whether it is fair or not. Being able to objectively look at all of the facts is essential for us, as a nation, to mend the wounds of the past and face up to the challenge of the future. It is our country and also in our best to honestly discuss the problems that face us all. Just because you discuss it does not mean that you are a racist, as I have heard commentators say. Being fair in the discussion and accepting the facts as truth, on both sides of the discussion, is imperative. Being closed minded and either offensive or defensive neglects the facts as they are.

If we as a nation are ever to get through this, we have to be honest with not only others but within ourselves, too. Refraining from the name calling and labeling will also go a long way. I cannot imagine what someone of color goes through on a daily basis, but with their help I can truly begin to understand and enact change.