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Judge Joe Brown loses bid for DA: Attitude a plus in Hollywood, but not Memphis?

Judge Joe Brown found that art didn't imitate life when he lost bid of District Attorney. The voters went with someone else!
Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images

Judge Joe Brown found his popularity on his TV show doesn’t extend to the real-life event of an election after losing his bid for the District Attorney’s seat in Memphis, Tenn. While his arrogant demeanor on the show named after him, “Judge Joe Brown” makes for good TV viewing apparently the voters didn’t think it was a good fit for their courtrooms.

MSN TV News on Aug. 8 reports that Brown got only 35 percent of the votes, with the incumbent district attorney, Amy Weirich, netting 65 percent. Brown was a criminal court judge in Memphis until 2000, when he gave up the real-life courtroom for one out of Hollywood that provided entertainment on the TV screen.

That show is no longer in production today, but any weekday you can get a glimpse of the cool and suave Judge Joe Brown handing down his decisions, as the show is in syndication on numerous channels. Did the Judge’s TV career take a nip out of his chances at rekindling his real-life courtroom venue?

According to the Calgary Herald News today, Brown is a Democrat and his opponent is a Republican. Whether or not party sides played a role in the vote is not known. There’s a lot more to a political race than party affiliations. Many vote for the person and nothing more or less.

Could it be that his opponent in this political race was tried and true and people liked her. Brown was arrested and spent a brief time in jail back in March after he was found in contempt of court by a Shelby County Juvenile Court magistrate. He was found in contempt during a contentious hearing, but he is appealing all charges.

Back in March Brown was in court as a lawyer representing a client in a child-support case. When he learned that his case wasn’t on the docket for the afternoon he became “raucous” and “challenged the authority” of Magistrate Harold Horne, according to CNN News in an archived article.

Horne, who is considered a “laid-back” judge by many who work with him, gave Brown several chances to calm down and when he didn’t oblige, he hit him with five counts of contempt of court. It was almost impossible to get him out of the courtroom and his behavior “floored” the other judges and lawyers in the courtroom, reports CNN.

He was briefly jailed and let out on his own recognizance, but originally the judge sentenced the 66-year-old TV star to five days in jail. This seems to indicate that he caused quite the scene. This might have also weighed heavily against his bid for the district attorney seat with the voters. This contempt of court event happened in the same district where he was running for district attorney.

That entitled attitude plays out great for the TV viewing audience on his show, but this is one time when art didn’t imitate real-life. Most likely his attitude wasn’t considered as a welcomed addition to the courtrooms around Memphis as it was in Hollywood!

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