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Judge Joe Brown court order released

Judge Joe Brown Booking Picture
Photo by Shelby County Sheriff's Office

Shelby County Juvenile Court in Memphis released the court order detailing charges against former TV Judge Joe Brown Wednesday afternoon.

Monday, Brown learned the difference between TV Court and the real thing when he butted heads with Shelby County Juvenile Court Magistrate Harold Horne during a child support hearing. Horne had Brown arrested and removed from his courtroom sentencing him to five days in jail.

A circuit Court Judge later released Joe Brown (he's not a judge).

Joe Brown (he's not a judge) who is running for District Attorney in Memphis is challenging the contempt of court charge and will appear in court April 4th.

Joe Brown (he's not a judge) compared himself to Martin Luther King in a statement after being released from jail. That is more than mildly amusing, it's knee slapping funny. Martin Luther King always showed respect for authority. He worked within the system to try to make changes. Joe Brown (he's not a judge) seems to believe his own publicity.

According to ABC News, after claims that it was all a publicity stunt Brown said "If it was a stunt, I am a master at doing it. I just happened to by chance run into a woman in need. That's one hell of a thing to be able to pull off. Considering my ratings and the fact that I've been coming into the homes of just about everybody with a TV set in Shelby County for about 15 years, what was there to promote? Everybody knows who I am." CBS cancelled his show over a salary dispute which demonstrates his ego and inflated sense of self worth.

While he may be right about being well known there is a distinct difference between being well known and well liked. Joe Brown (he's not a judge) has the charisma of a snake oil salesman and his dog and pony show is just beginning.

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