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Judge Joe Brown arrested on contempt of court charges

Judge Joe Brown
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Judge Joe Brown ended up on the other side of the law today as he got arrested and put in jail for five days. On March 24, TMZ shared about what happened to be put the Judge behind bars. Hopefully he learned a lesson today.

He went to court so that he could help someone out in a case. It was a child support case and he was planning to actually represent someone there. They had no record at all of the case and so that shouldn't have been a big deal. It really upset Judge Joe Brown though and he started to cause a scene.

He wouldn't stop yelling about things. Judge Joe Brown is now in jail for five days. He got arrested on five counts of contempt of court. The judge was yelling and causing a scene. At this time, there are no reports of why the child support case was not happening or if he was just confused on what day it was supposed to be.

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