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Judge Joe Brown arrested: Brown sentenced to jail for contempt of court

Judge Joe Brown
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Judge Joe Brown has been arrested and sentenced to jail for contempt of court. MyFox8 reports on March 24 that the former reality TV star was arrested in Tennessee. Brown used to have his own show before it was canceled.

Brown was allegedly at the Shelby County Juvenile Court in Memphis because of a client’s child support case. However, the situation quickly became volatile as he began to yell and act abusively toward court staff. Brown was accused of yelling at the judge because of confusion about the case.

Despite being warned to calm down, the former star of the “Judge Joe Brown” show refused to cooperate and was arrested. The judge initially gave him a sentence of two days, but it was increased to five days for his behavior, and he is currently in jail.

Brown is interested in becoming the next Shelby County District Attorney, and he actually spent time asking for votes before entering the courtroom. However, he is still trying to get the nomination for this position, and the outburst in court may not help his quest.

The “Judge Joe Brown” show was canceled because of an alleged salary dispute, and he has been focusing on his career outside of reality television. The show’s ratings began to change after 15 years, so CBS wanted to cut his $20 million paycheck. However, Brown resisted the idea of seeing his salary diminish, and the show ended.

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