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Judge Joe Brown arrested after losing it in court

Judge Joe Brown was arrested after blow up in court today.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

On March 24 TMZ reports that the former television judge, Joe Brown, was arrested after losing it in a juvenile court where he went to represent someone in a child support case.

Joe was turned away by court staff when they claimed that there was no knowledge of the child support case. He got mad, started screaming and yelling and the judge held him in contempt of court five different times and sentenced him to five days in jail. He became very verbally abusive and was warned several times to calm down and wouldn't.

TMZ was told by witnesses that he nearly incited a riot and was "playing to the peanut gallery." Jo ignored the judges warnings, which he should have known better having been a judge himself, and was ordered to spend five days in jail. He left on his own screaming and yelling the whole time. TMZ has a fantastic, angry mugshot of the former TV judge.

Are you surprised that a former television judge would have an inflated ego and make such a huge scene in court?

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