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Judge cries giving pedophile prison sentence

Judge cries giving pedophile sentence.
Judge cries giving pedophile sentence.
Salvatore Vuono/freedigitalphotos(dot)net

Many people tend to think judges are indifferent with no outwardly expressions while presiding over criminal cases. They are assumed professionals who are expected to act accordingly by withholding personal emotions from their peers and society, but one Queens Supreme Court judge allowed his personal feelings to surface recently. He cried during sentencing a pedophile, according to the New York Daily News on Apr. 21.

Supreme Court Justice Richard Buchter sentenced Kerbet Dixon to at least 25 years in prison for sexually abusing two young members of his own family in 2008 and 2009. A former assistant girls’ basketball coach in Manhattan, foster parent and a law enforcement officer, Dixon (50) was convicted on felony charges of sexually abusing his wife’s two nieces, aged 10 and 14. He was also charged with at least 480 counts of possession of child pornography.

When reading the sentence to Dixon, it is reported Buchter broke down and cried as he had to wipe his tears. He said he had never seen such a “repulsive” case in his 27 years serving on the bench and that Dixon was a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Dixon masked his criminal behavior by providing gifts and taking the children on trips. He added that the sentence handed to Dixon will not restore the “innocence” of the children. Buchter also said he felt sorry the jurors had to witness the “vile and sickening” pornographic material.

Last year in another case, Buchter reprimanded a defense attorney for insinuating a transgendered prostitute’s murder may have been justified implying she was not ‘worthy.’ The attorney questioned who was the victim (the murderer or the murdered) when it was found the victim had male genitalia. Buchter scolded the attorney by stating his court believes every human life is sacred and being transgendered is not easy. With this previous belief, Buchter exemplifies a caring and sympathetic professional, therefore his recent emotional expressions can be considered justified and considered compassionate.