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Judge blocks Gov. Rick Scott’s drug testing law

On Tuesday, a federal judge decided that Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s drug testing of welfare recipients was unconstitutional.

Orlando District Court Judge Mary S. Scriven ruled that drug testing welfare applicants or recipients was an “unreasonable search” and violation of the 4th amendment.

According to Occupy Democrats, “The court finds there is no set of circumstances under which the warrantless, suspicionless drug testing at issue in this case could be constitutionally applied,” she wrote. The ruling made permanent an earlier, temporary ban by the judge.”

Gov. Scott defended his illegal drug testing law by claiming that it led to child abuse. However, the connection is not generally supported by data.

The welfare drug testing law also costing Florida taxpayers more money than it was worth. As the New York Times notes, since the majority of drug tests came back negative, the state had to reimburse applicants the $30 fee. That cost Florida taxpayers $118,140, which is $45,780 more than the benefits that would have been paid without the drug testing.

Gov. Rick Scott has announced plans to appeal Judge Scriven’s decision on drug testing welfare recipients.

You can contact Gov. Scott by visiting:

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