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Judge barres Facebook from informing over 381 users of data collected

You're being watched
You're being watched
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The Department of Social Security, may find itself in hot water when hundreds of cases suddenly come filing in courthouses across America.

On June 26, 2014, The New York Times covered an article, which Facebook files an appeal in court to protect hundreds of users against “unreasonable searches”.

A New York Judge claimed Facebook had no standing saying, “Facebook was not under criminal investigation. Facebook was merely an online repository of data.”

If Facebook does not win this appeal government agencies could find this to be the hump that breaks the camel’s back, and the American people’s constitutional rights may crumble.

On June 20, 2014 a recent article about welfare reform came out, which talks about the need for investigation of fraud within the system by Journalist Wendy Spickerman.

However, being the journalist in question I can say, “My articles are written to spread awareness and provoke thought in my readers. I do not, nor will I ever, condone trampling over the American peoples constitutional rights. If I did, I would have voted for Obama which was not the case.”

What was even more shocking about this case, of social media search and seizure, was that the judge barred Facebook from informing affected users. Furthermore, the information collected had no end, The New Times reported the information collected “ranged from pages a user liked to photos and private messages.”

Cases across America starting with New York State, may soon flood courthouses claiming their constitutional rights have been violated. The confidential case in question has now been unsealed and you can find it here for furthering reading, on page one Facebook is called a “digital landlord”.

There seems to be no end in sight at the length government agencies will go. The question here is will the American people stand for this. Taxpayers are outraged by what their money is used for.

The American people spend long hours working; yet bring home such a small portion of their pay. Sometimes that pay isn’t enough at the end of the day. With the already broken Welfare System failing the people of this great nation the last thing the American people need is to hear that another government agency wants to see their posts, messages and photos, listen in on calls, collecting data of all kinds that violate their rights.

“There are companies out there, which hire people to find the information one does not want found. Whether you are committing fraud or not the world is being watched on a larger scale than one can imagine. We sit in front of computer screens all day, it’s our job to find people, find information and we do it without them knowing”, an anonymous source tells examiner.

As a taxpayer, we want to hear from you. How do you feel about what the Department of Social Services is doing? What are your thoughts, on how the rights of the American people are being trampled on?

How does this make you feel about using social media sites? Do you believe your privacy should be protected or once something is out on the World Wide Web it’s no longer a given right. Share your thoughts with us here at Examiner. We want to hear from you, the people!