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Jude Law joins legions suing News Of The World hackers

So then I said to the nanny--did you hear that clicking sound?
So then I said to the nanny--did you hear that clicking sound?
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Jude Law is claiming that he is yet another victim of the New of The World hackers who tapped into people's mobile phones and checked their voicemail for juicy gossip. He is currently suing NOWT and another News Corp magazine, The Sun, for compensation.

Law's two-time ex, Sienna Miller, has already received a payout from Rupert Murdoch's News Corp after suing them for hacking her phone. But celebrity gossip aside, Murdoch and friends stand accused of hacking into the phone of a missing British girl, misleading the police and her family by making them believe that she was alive and checking her mail, and causing serious delays to the investigation of her disappearance.

Law is the first person to claim he was hacked on US soil, making it possible for the US government to prosecute Murdoch. The FBI is currently looking in to the possibility that NOTW journalists hacked into the cell phones of 911 victims.

According to a source, the Beckhams also suspect that they were hacking victims, but are making sure to look into it as thoroughly as possible before making any allegations. "They were always hacking the Beckhams. David was on the front pages probably more than any other celebrity in the decade from 2000 onwards. If you look at what they have done with him you would assume he is a target."